Alexis is a professionally trained dating coach who LOVES the idea of love.

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She worked as an in-house dating expert for

multiple dating sites where she learned how to

navigate the modern dating space. Alexis knows that it takes more than just a pretty

picture to build a successful relationship and she is here to help you make the

most of your online dating experience. 


Her coaching doesn’t stop online.

Alexis has hosted dating seminars across the

U.S. and U.K. and she has had the opportunity to coach people from different

backgrounds and lifestyles. 


Alexis has a deep understanding of interpersonal communication and

she cares about the success of her clients. Book now to level up.


Alexis is an experienced Lifestyle Coach who will empower you to

build the life you want to live.


She specializes in building confidence, self-love, and empowerment.


Do you want to build confidence? Let’s work!


Do you want to kill it during your next job interview? Let’s work!


Do you want to level up your lifestyle? Let’s work!



"My goal is to empower you to build the life you want to live right now."